Shaykh Abū Al-Ṭayyib Shams Al-Ḥaqq Al- ‘Aẓīmabādī & His Scholarly Contribution in Serving the Ḥadīth Legacy


  • Syed Abdul Majid Ghouri Islamic Science University of Malaysia (USIM)


Abū al-Ṭayyib, Shams al-×aqq, Al-‘Aẓīmabādī, Prophetic legacy, ×adīth, Contribution


Shaykh Abū al-Ṭayyib Shams al-×aqq al-‘Aẓīmabādī is one of the greatest scholars of 19th century, and one of the brilliant authors in his field being an author of several books, such as ‘Awn al-Ma‘būd SharÍ Sunan Abī Dāwūd. Besides his interest in teaching ×adīth and writing books, he was known for his contribution in reviving the legacy of ×adīth. This paper studies the traits of this great scholar from his personal and scholarly aspects, and then it introduces his distinguished contribution in serving the legacy of ×adīth. The research has applied the inductive method as well as a descriptive one. According to the inductive method, the research gathered important information related to the life of ‘Aẓīmabādī and his scholarly work in the field of ×adīth. As per the descriptive method, the research highlighted the important aspects of his personal and scholarly identity and his pioneering contribution in this field. The researcher has arrived through this research to some important conclusions such as that ‘Aẓīmabādī has performed a significant role in spreading the legacy of ×adīth and made crucial contributions in reviving and spreading it. Further, he made commendable efforts in defending Sunnah in India and made scholarly contributions in serving the cause of ×adīth by writing some valuable books and references which are relied upon by researchers all around the Islamic world. The most important feature of his writings is that they call for implementing the Holy Qur’Én and Sunnah.




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