The Perspective of Psychological Freedom and Avoiding Freedom According to Erich Fromm




Freedom is a matter that people have been thinking about throughout history and have even fought wars for his sake. Without freedom, one cannot truly discover his existence in this world. It is not possible for a person to realize himself or to perform perfect servitude for the transcendent being without freedom. How can one be free? How can freedom be achieved especially psychologically? The questions were also asked a lot. In this context, a psychological definition of freedom and what are the obstacles to freedom are also important. Because the ideas of a psychologist like Erich Fromm on freedom are also important, the work has come to life around her. The study was carried out with the literature review method and was shaped by considering the views of a person about a concept. The issue of what freedom means has been debated for years. Especially in the context of Psychology and Psychology of Religion, it is aimed to conduct a study by Erich Fromm. The main goal in doing this is to satisfy a need in this field at the level of the article as much as possible. This study is composed of introduction and three parts. At the beginning of the article, the philological examination of freedom was started and its definitions were made in various fields. In the first part, it is talked about how to get psychologically free. The second Erich Fromm’s understanding of freedom was tried to be found. In the third part, Erich Fromm’s ways of escaping from freedom are discussed.




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