Khulafa-e-RashidÊn and the prosperity of Religious Minorities: An Analysis


  • Hafiz Muhammad Adeel
  • Muhammad Riaz Mahmood


Islam is a message of peace, progress and prosperity for the entire mankind. This universal religion safeguards the respect, education, health, freedom and other facilities of life of the Muslims as well as the NonMuslims. This is the reason that the Prophet of Islam ( ) established the state where steps had been taken for the prosperity and security of all the human beings without any discrimination. In the state of Madina multi-dimensional measures were taken for the material and spiritual progress of the people having different religions. Abu Bakar (R.A), Umar (R.A), Usman (R.A) and Ali (R.A) became caliphs successively after Muhammad ( ). Keeping in view of teachings of Muhammad ( ), Khulafa-e-RÉshidÊn took extra ordinary measures to protect the religious minorities. Peace treaties were held with religious minorities. They were consulted in state affairs and provided freedom of having faith and worship of their choice. Steps were taken to maintain their status and individuality and they were allowed to continue their business activities. It is quite beneficial to study and analyse those measures taken for the welfare of the religious minorities by Khulafa-e-RÉshidÊn. These steps may be useful while planning the rights for prosperity and security of the religious minorities in the Modern Muslim States.This research article has been presented to fulfil this literary, scholarly, political and social need.




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