• Araf Abdulah Mahmood Alhbaby
Keywords: Insistence, Pre-Islamic Poets, social behavior, thinking methods, principles.


Insistence and determination are men principles. They can be keys to success in life. Their absence causes a lack in many related values and manners. Therefore, pre-Islamic poets consistently discuss the principles of insistence. They are self-made, insistent on educational, social, political, economic and warfare positive life aspects. Therefore, poets gave some advice and guidance stressing virtues such as kindness, great hospitality and self-preservation even if these principles required leaving the tribe and relatives such as the lovers and family to maintain a social rank and value. Therefore, these ambitions can only be achieved and realized by patience and flexibility. In the pre-Islamic era, personality is valued in terms of rank, value, flourishing, vanity, and pride and dignity. 


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