Hamdard Islamicus

A Quarterly Journal of Studies and Research in Islam

Submission Guidlines

Submission Guidlines

  • Hamdard Islamicus is published by the Hamdard Foundation Pakistan, from Hamdard Centre, Nazimabad-3, Karachi-74600, Pakistan.
  • Only one co-author is allowed with the principal author of any article to be received for publication in the Hamdard Islamicus.
  • Manuscripts must be typed double spaced with at least one inch margin on all sides of A4 paper.
  • Manuscripts may be preferably comprise 6000 to 7000 words. However, as per importance of issue discussed in the article and its fine presentation, some relaxation may be acquired.
  • A hard copy of the article (with proper diacritical marks) should be sent by post at the mailing address of the Hamdard Islamicus.
  • Two soft copies of the article (One with and other without diacritical marks) composed in MS word format only must be sent through e-mail or saved in CD/USB.
  • Notes and references should follow The Chicago Manual of Style (End Notes and Bibliography) i.e. to be marked serially and placed at the end of the manuscript.
  • Illustrations and photographs should be preferably in black and white tones.
  • Authors are requested to quote the English translation of Qur’anic verses from the editions of A. Yusuf Ali or Pickthall only.
  • Authors are requested to provide their designation, permanent and present postal addresses along with their telephone and cell numbers and e-mail addresses.
  • All correspondence regarding the manuscript will be directed to the principal author.
  • After publishing the article 2 complimentary copies of relevant issue of the Hamdard Islamicus will be sent to the author. S/he would be provided a pdf version of his/her article as well.
  • The Hamdard Islamicus does not necessarily agree with all the statements made or opinions expressed by the contributors who are themselves responsible for their views or comments.


Book review

  • For review two hard copies of the book must be sent.

Ethical Guidelines by the HEC (Pl. give link http://hec.gov.pk/english/services/faculty/SSAH/Pages/ssjournals.aspx)